Friday, 23 June 2017

Records You Must Have In Your Collection: #2

The Queen Is Dead. 

I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this album.  

Encapsulating the beliefs of an entire generation, The Smiths have given listeners an album that remains to resonate with the youth of today - myself included. The politically charged diatribes and witty literary remarks that are embedded in every line (of every song) make The Queen Is Dead every bit as ambivalent as The Smiths two prior studio albums. 

It is hard to find a duo more dynamic than Morrissey and Marr. Their ability to combine astute cynicism with an entirely unique way of using the guitar is what makes this album one of the best ever. Even in terms of genre, The Queen Is Dead covers all bases. I Know It's Over and Never Had No One Ever are an example of Morrissey in his purest form. His iconically compelling vocals exhibit the somewhat desperate oddities that come paired with being isolated from love. These ballads contrast with other tracks like Bigmouth Strikes Again and Frankly, Mr Shankly which both provide an upbeat self-deprecation of The Smiths and their mouthing off about the Royals, the nature of fame and everything in between. 

If you are looking to get into the music of The Smiths, or learn more about the 1980's working class view of politics, then this is the perfect album for you. This is Morrissey at his best, the very reason why we love and identify with him so much. His uncompromisingly neurotic outlook on life is what moulds this album into one of the greatest ever, one that should definitely be in any novice's collection. 

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