Monday, 29 May 2017

Film For Thought?

I'm not the type of person who likes to thrust my political opinion upon people, and I do not intend for this piece to come across as so, however, I have never been more profoundly moved by a movie than I was when watching I Daniel Blake. It connects with the audience in a way that few films ever have.
Set against the turbulent backdrop of our current tory government, this movie aims to expose the highly vindictive nature of the UK benefit system. Ken Loach has given us an entirely realistic film that mirrors the ongoing battle that the socially excluded are enduring on a daily basis. We are living in an age of self-involved politics where the electorate are casting an unmindful vote for what benefits them as an individual. However, this culture of entitlement is what is dragging ill-fated families tremendously below the poverty line - a boundary that this movie proves to be insurmountable. 

In my opinion, the primary role of film is to use it as a vessel through which creators can educate the masses. I, Daniel Blake does exactly that. Stories like these bring light to the vigorous social change that this country must implement in order to bring aid to the disadvantaged and pull them through this relentless system. The bureaucratic forces that have somehow found their way into power are only planning to make this system even harder for deserving people to ask for help. With the forthcoming general election next month, it is immensely important that you educate yourself on who you truly believe is the best party for this country.  

I would advise everyone to watch this film before casting your vote next month.

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