Friday, 9 December 2016

Cafe Wha?: The Village.

If I could personify anywhere in the world, it would be Greenwich Village. You can literally feel the rich culture and diverse history resonating throughout the suburban neighbourhood. It brings to life the wealth of beat poets, musical legends and counterculture movements that met their genesis in these very streets. If you have ever desired to experience Woody Allen in reality, I would recommend a pilgrimage through this beautiful village - you may even spot some sites that you already know. 

Many fellow lovers of Bob Dylan will already know the street shown in the photo above; it is the location of the iconic cover artwork for The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan - easily one of Bob's finest albums. Dylan arrived in New York over half a century ago, yet his legacy still lives on. There are countless sites whereupon he made his mark, one of which is Cafe Wha? I felt truly inspired by the talent that has previously graced the very tables I was sitting at. Other regulars there included Jimi Hendrix, The Velvet Underground, Bruce Springsteen and Woody Allen. 

Greenwich Village was also the place that united some of my favourite authors: Jack Kerouac, William Boroughs and Allen Ginsberg. Their celebration of non-conformity and spontaneous creativity is something that recognise within myself almost every day. Without them, our western culture may not have been shaped into what it is today.

Knowing that this myriad of musical and cinematic genius has originated from the few streets that compose Greenwich Village is an incomprehensible feeling. For anyone who is visiting New York City in the near future, the village is a must. 

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